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Roof Transition Flashing ensures waterproofing where two different roof pitches intersect. RoofingDirect.com offers many different types, as every roof has different requirements for sealing its various transition points. It can be used for pitched roof, to vertical wall junctions, around the base of chimneys, or any other point where the roof plane meets a vertical surface of the roof. RoofingDirect.com offers tile pan flashing, pre-bent 90 degree L flashing, pre-bent 110 degree flashing, counter flashing, valley flashing, Z-bar flashing and much more. 

Transition Flashing is a very important part of correctly waterproofing your roof.  If the roof is not waterproofed and flashed properly, you will have potential issues and damage for years to come.  If you need help determining what type of metal flashing components you need to correctly seal your roof, please contact us and we will be happy to help guide you through this important process.

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