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RoofingDirect.com offers a complete line of Metal Flashing.  Our flashing is suited for all your residential and commercial roofing requirements.  Roof flashing is typically used to describe the metal components that weatherproof or seal the roof system.  This takes place at all edges, the perimeters, penetrations, walls, and valleys.  This is also used in other places where the roof covering is interrupted or terminated.

We are proud to offer a variety of quality metal roof flashing products.  These include but are not limited to; edge flashing for the perimeter, transition flashing for a wall to roof transition, step flashing for weaving in and out of shingles, roll flashing for the valley or other pitch transitions.  We also offer hard to find custom copper flashing. Browse our selection now to find the right products that meet your needs. 

We work with the best custom sheet metal shop that manufacturers flashing.  If for some reason your not finding what you need, please contact us and we will reach out to the manufacturer and get you what you need.

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