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Hand Seamers

More About Hand Seamers

Welcome to our hand seamer tool product category page. Here we have a fantastic array of quality hand seamers that will help you accomplish your next job quickly and easily. Our reliable tools are priced to sell and will help you hit your budget goals every time.

A hand seamer is a time saving tool that can quickly become one of the most valuable and unique tools in your inventory. We stock both first stage hand seamers and finishing hand seamers as well in order to get your job done with perfection. Our first stage hand seamers allow you to quickly and easily complete the first bend in locking the leg on a metal standing seam. It is great for locking standing seam panels over the drip cap at eaves. Our finishing hand seamer then is used to close the second bend of a double standing seam, completing the task. Our hand seamers have long handles to allow for quick work and maximum leverage so that you can join several panels of sheet metal (or aluminum) together as you are building or repairing a roof.

We also stock handheld short handled seamers that are used by HVAC technicians to bend and form cold rolled stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, and aluminum. No job is too small for our handheld seamers!

Features + Benefits

  • Ergonomic design provides excellent comfort to the hands
  • Finishes the second bend of the double standing seam
  • Intended for seams that measure 1/2 in. across on the top leg
  • Hands never have to leave the tool resulting in maximum speed and efficiency
  • Painted powder-coated finish provides durability and longevity
  • 15 in. handle length provides excellent torque bending up to 24 gauge metal
  • Size and lightweight design enables vertical and horizontal seam locking
  • All priced to fit in any budget!

Other Production Information

These hand seamers make a great addition to just about any roofer’s toolkit. If you are not finding what you need for your project, please contact us. Our team has decades of experience and will be able to help you find the right solution.

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