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Looking for high quality, reliable roofing fasteners? RoofingDirect.com is pleased to offer a wide range of coil roofing nails, screws, plastic cap fasteners, staples, and driver bits. Complete your next roofing job safely and securely with roofing fasteners from RoofingDirect.com.


Choosing the Right Fastener: Nails, Screws, or Staples?


The materials that you choose to shingle or construct your roof out of will largely guide which fastener would work best. For example, metal roofs are known to contract and expand over time, therefore, screws have been shown to be a better choice in the long run when compared to nails.


Screws also tend to hold for much longer when compared to nails due to being threaded, and are even less prone to leaks when compared to nails. The biggest con in regards to screws is their high cost compared to nails, which can significantly increase the cost of a roof installation, repair, or restoration.


Roofing nails are typically distributed in coils, and are used to fasten shingles, attach roof tiles and/or sheet metal, and install roofing underlayment.


Plastic cap nails are commonly used to batten down roofing materials such as underlayment or vapor barrier.


Aluminum rivets are resistant to corrosion and are used to connect metal components at their flashing points.


Roofing staples are designed for attaching shingles to roofs, cost less than nails, and are comparably as strong.


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