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Looking for high quality roof caulks, cements, sealants, coatings, or tapes? RoofingDirect.com has a complete line of various roofing adhesives and other related products to choose from.


Common Roof Sealants and What They Do


Not every roof caulk or sealant is created equally, and some are specially designed to only work with a limited number of materials or under certain conditions. Before picking up that ladder and hitting the roof for your next weekend project, review this list of common roof sealants and learn how they protect your roof from damage by the elements.


Reinforcing Fabric: Typically made of polyester, and used in roof restoration for repairing splits and detailing base flashing


Silicone Coating: Adds a barrier that protects a roof from severe weather while reducing heating/cooling costs


Acrylic Coating: Protective coating for roofs that reflects UV rays and includes added moisture protection suitable for waterways and other such applications


Ceramic Roofing Granules: Provides UV protection for asphalt shingles by dissipating heat, making the roof cooler and thus reducing utility costs


Tape & Sealant: Waterproof tape used on roofs, gutters, RVs, skylights, and more to seal leaks from air, moisture, and water


Mortar Preserve: Crown repair designed for use on stucco, masonry, and concrete


Refractory Cement: Pre-mixed cement for masonry repairs


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