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Brush Man Window Squeegee (Box of 12) | Roofing Direct
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Brush Man Curved Floor Squeegee (Box of 6) | Roofing Direct
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Brush Man 24" Coating Squeegee (Box of 6) | Roofing Direct

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Brush Man Sponge Floor Squeegee (Box of 4) | Roofing Direct


More About Squeegees proudly offers a wide variety of squeegees by The Brush Man. Multiple types available designed for different jobs, these high-quality squeegees come in boxes of varying quantity.

Pick the Right Squeegee for the Job

Not every squeegee will be appropriate for every job. Whether you plan on laying down epoxy, cleaning up after a wayward sprinkler system, or funneling water towards a floor drain, it is important to know which type of squeegees do which jobs.
  • Window Squeegee: Used to direct water off of glass without streaking. Use with cleaning materials for best results.
  • Floor Squeegee: Designed to corral water into tile floor drains.
  • Serrated Floor Squeegee: An intermediate between flat and square-notched models, the coating density is affected by pressure rather than by design.

Typically, a thinner coat would require the use of a flat squeegee, while a thicker coat would require a square-notched version. Depending on the job and your needs, it may make more economic sense to go with the serrated models. also carries two different sizes of window squeegee from The Brush Man to fit the needs of your project.

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