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Wall Ventilation Supplies

RoofingDirect.com proudly offers a selection of high-quality wall vents. The selection of wall vents ranges from light to heavy duty household use.

A wall vent is an intake ventilation unit for constant ventilation and designed for supplying fresh air to residential or nonresidential premises. They can fill the room with fresh air by not opening windows and not letting the dust, street noise, dust to the premises.

Wall Vents With Dampers – These robust wall vents are equipped with high quality dampers. Some use spring loaded dampers while others use magnets to hold the damper closed. They are available in many different sizes to fit most applications.

Exhaust Wall Vents – Our exhaust wall vents are feature packed with ways to help enhance performance and lifetime value. They feature a large hood design to help prevent restricted airflow. They are made with heavy duty 28 gauge galvanized steel and includes a quarter inch pest screen and includes a spring loaded damper to keep it closed when not in use.

Intake Wall Vents – These specialized types of wall vents help to supply air intake for a variety of home applications like heating, cooling, and roof ventilation for the warmer months. Shop our selection of fixed louver and movable louver options.

Copper Wall Vents – These aesthetically pleasing vents are great for putting that extra pop of color and taste to your home’s décor. They are also extra durable and long lasting and provide excellent weather protection both from warm and cold temperatures. Comes with a variety of styles like with damper, without damper, and with screen and damper.

Dryer Wall Vents – These sturdily constructed dryer wall vents are the perfect addition to your home upgrades list! Or, they can be used during new construction or remodeling projects as well. Our dryer vents are made with a heavy gauge steel body that includes a powder coating. These last a long time and are easily installed into standard 4 inch ductwork.

Siding Ventilation – We offer a great selection of siding ventilation products as well. They are the perfect ventilation solution for a variety of things like installing them behind wood, hardboard siding, and vinyl siding, to name a few. These vents help to channel damaging moisture away from your home and prevent it from accumulating between your siding and your walls. It helps you avoid problems like paint peeling, warped or moldy siding panels and much more.

Protection – There are also high-quality wall vent guards available. They are fastened over the wall vents to protect them from being damaged and preventing critters from entering. They have a simple opening mechanism that allows for ease of cleaning and maintaining the wall vent.

RoofingDirect.com has both quality products and extensive knowledge about questions you might have such as: What wall vent should I buy? What wall vent is best for my situation?

If you are not finding what you need for your project, please contact us. Our team has decades of experience and will be able to help you find the right solution.

Buy from RoofingDirect.com today! Why buy from us, you may ask? Some of the perks our customers enjoy include:

– Fast, direct shipping. Order online and have your items shipped directly to your home or jobsite.

– Quality products. We only sell high quality items from the best manufacturers in the industry.

– Great service. Roofing Direct is made up of a dedicated team of professionals who take pride in what they do.

– Multiple ways to save. Whether you buy in bulk or use reward points, our customers enjoy savings they would not get anywhere else.

Give us a call! We’ll be more than happy to help.

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