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Dryer Wall Vents

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InOvate Dryer Wall Vent (No Collar) | Roofing Direct
Item# DWV4-NC


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InOvate Dryer Wall Vent | Roofing Direct
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More About Dryer Wall Vents

Shop our selection of top quality dryer wall vents. Dryer wall vents serve several important functions. They are the portal to the outside of your home that connects your dryer and dryer vent duct to be able to ventilate the hot air to the outside world. The dryer wall vent helps to keep your dryer vent duct free from encroaching insects, pests, birds, and just about everything else that would want to crawl from the outside of your home to the inside. These important products also help to keep dangerous dryer lint from building up in your vent and ducts. This helps to make sure that you have a lower risk of a dryer fire due to lint buildup. Overall, they are a very important and often overlooked part of your home. Trust your home to our high quality dryer wall vents today!

Product Details

These vents are purpose built to be installed quickly and easily. They are perfect for new construction projects or a DIY replacement project for the weekend warrior. The heavy gauge, galvalume steel body is robust and ready for all weather and conditions and will serve you for a long time. The InOvate brand is one of remarkable quality and craftsmanship that will ensure that you get the best product every time. These are built to meet or exceed building code requirements for dryer ventilation safety standards. These pair perfectly with 4” ductwork.

Features + Benefits

  • InOvate Dryer Wall Vent (with collar and without collar)
    • Mates easily to any 4″ duct work
    • Engineered for a quick, perfect fit
    • Heavy gauge, galvalume steel body
    • Meets or exceeds all venting code requirements
    • Engineered for a quick, perfect fit
    • Powder coating to ensure a long duty life
  • InOvate Defender Access+
    • Protects against animals entering exhaust system
    • Front gate is held in place by a drop-notch connection
    • Easy opening for duct cleaning and maintenance
    • Available in a white or brown finish

Other Production Information

If you are not finding what you need for your project, please contact us. Our team has decades of experience and will be able to help you find the right solution.

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