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More About Concrete Finishing Brushes

At, we proudly offer concrete finishing brushes from The Brush Man to fit any budget and/or need. We have both horsehair and poly fill brushes available, and both types of brushes fulfill different tasks.

Selecting the Right Brush for the Job

The type of surface material you plan on applying is ultimately what dictates the type of brush fill you will need. Below is a quick summary of the different fill types available and what their primary function(s) is/are.
  • Horsehair: These brushes are designed for applying a non-slip finish to newly finished concrete.
  • Poly fill: These brushes are used for applying a fine finish on newly poured concrete.

Even better, these brushes are flexible in that they come in boxes of either six or twelve, depending on the item selected/availability. No matter the size of the job, has the concrete finishing brushes to help you get it done.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when working with caustic chemicals. Wear appropriate PPE and when in doubt, contact a professional.

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