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Oatey All-Flash 3"- 4" No-Caulk Galvanized Pipe Flashing with 15.5" x 12" Base | Roofing Direct
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Quarrix StormStop Ridge Vent | Roofing Direct


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Quarrix AtticDefense Ridge Vent | Roofing Direct


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APOC 365 Eterna-Flash All Weather SBS Modified Mastic Cement | Roofing Direct
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Stinger 1" Plastic Cap Nail | Roofing Direct

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AJC 29" Steel Serrated Roofing Spade | Roofing Direct

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CLC Molded Rubber Kneepads | Roofing Direct
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AJC 48" Steel Serrated Roofing Spade | Roofing Direct

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JC Hammer Gladiator Ripper | Roofing Direct
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More About Specials

We know that the pricing on things can change constantly and specials can crop up at any moment. With today’s supply chain issues and the ever fluctuating market realities of supply and demand, some products just need to be liquidated in order to fit the demand for newer or different offerings. The good news is that we love to be able to pass the savings on to you, our valued clients. In this category, we are featuring our incredible inventory of high quality products that are reduced to basement level prices and need to move quickly. If you’re reading this, then you are in the perfect place to find the best deals around on some of our best roofing supplies on the market.

Regardless of job size, saving on material and equipment costs is something everyone can appreciate, and RoofingDirect.com delivers by providing discounted high-quality roofing materials, accessories, and equipment on special.

Special Pricing Direct To You

Much like in the retail space, holding special sales on certain items allows the seller to sell these items quickly, typically to make room for new items coming in. In some instances, the items may be discontinued by the manufacturer, or are being removed from the seller’s inventory while still being available elsewhere.

What Kind of Item Specials Can You Find on RoofingDirect.com?

Unless otherwise stated, the roofing materials and accessories you will find available here are all brand new and include products from several categories including:

No Calk Flashing Features + Benefits

  • A specific no calk flashing currently on special is the Oatey All-Flash 3″- 4″ No-Caulk Galvanized Pipe Flashing as well as the IPS Multi-Size 3N1 Galvanized Base Roof Flashing
  • These well designed flashing components allow you to adhere various types of vents and pipes to a roof in no time
  • Can be used for commercial and residential jobs
  • Fits any roof pitch to 45°
  • Tested for ultraviolet, ozone and weather resistance
  • Rugged construction allows for long lasting durability
  • Versatile and can be made to fit both both 3″ and 4″ pipes
  • This is a self-sealing flashing, so caulking is not required
Ridge Vents Features + Benefits
  • Some specific products currently on special: The Quarrix StormStop Ridge Vent and Quarrix AtticDefense Ridge Vent
  • Made of crush-resistant HDPE for unbeatable durability
  • Can be installed on the hip and ridge
  • StormStop Membrane allows air to flow while preventing different weather from entering
  • Lightweight and easy to install
Cements, Coatings, And Sealants Features + Benefits
  • Currently we are running a special on the APOC® 365 Eterna-Flash® All Weather / All Season Rubberized Flashing Cement
  • Offers a high performance bond for today’s professional roofer
  • Provides superior adhesion to wet surfaces, easily bonds under water
  • Manufactured with select asphalt, synthetic rubber, solvent and fibers
  • Seal areas around chimneys, vent pipes, gravel guards, downspouts, cracks in concrete and control joints on roofs
Anchor Points Features + Benefits
  • We are running a special on FallTech Chain Anchors
  • Durable, powder coated steel anchoring plates
  • Grade 80 chain with 5000 lb capacity
  • Tensile strength anchor ring
  • 16d nails and 2-1/2” lag bolts included
Roofing Shovels Features + Benefits
  • We are currently running a special on the AJC 29″ and 48” Steel Serrated Spades
  • 29″ handle with an overall length of 40″ or 48″ handle with an overall length of 60″
  • Tempered Carbon Steel Blade
  • Serrated Edge Blade with Welded Fulcrum
Roofing Hammers Features + Benefits
  • We are currently running a special on AJC 16 oz. Rip Hammer With Hickory Handle
  • Head is made from hardened and tempered high carbon steel
  • Fully polished and super shock absorbent hickory handle
  • Ergonomic Handle is made for comfort and stability
Roofing Nails Features + Benefits
  • We are currently running a special on Grip-Rite 1″ Coil Nails
  • For use with most 15° coil nail guns
  • Great quality with Grip-Rite guarantee
  • 7,200 nails per case
  • Smooth shank
Kneepads Features + Benefits
  • We are currently running a special on CLC Molded Rubber kneepads
  • Economy grade, molded rubber kneepads
  • Elastic straps with hook-and-loop fastening for a secure fit
  • Contoured surface design for comfort
Safety Harnesses Features + Benefits
  • We are currently running a special on FallTech Contractor+ Harnesses
  • Equipped with 1 back dorsal D-ring
  • Low-profile spring-tension torso adjusters
  • Breathable, padded air mesh shoulder yoke
  • Increased padding with internal reinforcement
Shingle Removers Features + Benefits
  • We are currently running a special on JC Hammer Gladiator Rippers
  • Features 23 “Gladiator” teeth
  • Plastic handle is reinforced with aluminum core
  • Quickly change teeth position with axis technology
  • Easily removes asphalt shingles, underlayments, and nails
As supply and demand influence our materials and available storage, this page and our inventory may change without notice. So before making a big spend on roofing materials for your next job, be sure to check out this specials page first to ensure that you are getting the best deal.

Other Production Information

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