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Window Brushes

More About Window Brushes proudly offers high-quality window brushes from The Brush Man. We offer both rectangular and round window brushes, with tampico fill and flagged synthetic, respectively.

Using the Right Fill for the Right Job

Not every window brush is built with the same task in mind, but they all should have one common goal: do not scratch the glass. To that end, the materials that comprise high-quality window brushes are designed and/or assembled in such a way as to not scratch the surface that they touch. Listed below is a rundown of the types of fills we have on offer.
  • Tampico - A soft-to-medium bristle meant for finer dry window cleaning.
  • Flagged Synthetic - A hardy material that is used for washing and scrubbing delicate surfaces without scratching.

When It's Time to Clean Your Windows: The Way

Need to clean your windows or a friend's or family member's this weekend? Here's how to get started using our brushes from The Brush Man:
  1. Brush off cobwebs and other debris from the surface of the window with a Tampico-fill brush.
  2. Hose down and apply your cleaner of choice.
  3. Scrub as needed with a round window brush.
  4. Rinse and squeegee.

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