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Brush Man Cotton Dust Mop Head (Box of 12) | Roofing Direct
Item# DM-CL-5X


More About Brooms-Mops proudly offers a wide variety of high-quality brooms, sweeps, mops, and other cleaning accessories to help keep your next job site tidy and free of safety hazards.

Pick the Right Sweep for the Job

Not every sweep or mop is going to be as effective as it can be, no matter the job. Different surfaces respond accordingly to certain materials, and the products available from by The Brush Man are all designed with a specific job in mind.
  • Cotton Fiber Mop: Designed for all-purpose wet mopping. Comes in a variety of models to fit their respective handles.
  • Cotton Dust Mop: Used primarily for picking up large debris and corralling refuse. Not effective in picking up allergens.
  • Microfiber Dust Mop: Used to sweep and pick up dust, dirt, and other allergens. Designed for use on hardwood floors and other hard surfaces.
  • Palmyra Fill Floor Sweep: Ideal for sweeping heavy, caked dirt and/or rough surfaces like concrete, brick, and garage floors.
  • Poly Fill Floor Sweep: Designed for use in wet and dry environments. also has handles, accessories, and more to make sure that you have the high-quality sweeps and brooms you need at your next job.

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