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RoofingDirect.com provides all-metal FHA Pipe Flashing options that meet FHA specifications due to their large base and sturdy metal construction. The benefit of using all metal pipe flashings is that they will not deteriorate over time. Using the correct pipe flashing will prevent leaks on bathroom, kitchen, laundry, water heater , furnace and fireplace pipe terminations.

Pipe flashings are an essential component of any roof, as they provide waterproofing for the area where the pipe terminates through the roof deck. RoofingDirect.com offers both pitched pipe flashings and flat roof pipe flashings.  The FHA Pipe Flashing should be sealed with a storm collar and a roofing grade silicone or caulk. RoofingDirect.com also offers a no-caulk pipe flashing for pitched roofs, which features a rubber collar that creates a seal around the pipe so that it does not require a sealant.  Please contact our team of experts with any questions.

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