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Solar Attic Vents

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Natural Light Switches for Solar Attic Fans | Roofing Direct


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Natural Light Garage Vent Kit | Roofing Direct
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Natural Light Solar Attic Fan | Roofing Direct
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Natural Light Gable Mount Solar Attic Fan | Roofing Direct
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Natural Light Low Profile Solar Attic Fan | Roofing Direct
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More About Solar Attic Vents

Shop our excellent selection of solar attic vents and fans. These innovative devices are able to pull hot air out of your home’s attic and roof area that can gather there due to the general lack of air circulation into and out of your home’s roof, especially on hot and windless days. By effectively venting hot air out of your attic, your HVAC system won't have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature, resulting in lower energy consumption. This means significant savings on your monthly energy bills and a shorter payback period for your investment.

These vents can help to keep your home or office cooler, even in the midst of scorching summer days. Solar attic vents create an effective ventilation system that prevents hot air from stagnating in your attic, reducing the temperature throughout your entire home.

With’s selection of these products to choose from, you can outfit a home or commercial building with the best fans on the market today.

Features + Benefits

  • Curb mount design for high-profile roofs
  • Durable corrosion-resistant alloy with stainless steel hardware
  • Multiple mounting options, depending on your needs
  • Quiet running motors ensure that they won’t be intrusive as they work
  • Includes basics like rodent screens
  • Can be installed multiple building types, including sheds, barns, workshops, detached, garages, and lofts
  • Can qualify for money saving energy tax credits (look up local laws and guidelines)
  • Tough solar panels effectively stands up to hurricane and tornadic winds

Other Production Information

Having good and sustainable attic and roof ventilation is a great way to insure your roof will last for many years. offers solar attic vents to allow the proper amount of ventilation through your roof.

Our vents come in multiple styles. We offer vents in several mount versions. We also have vents with remote controls to regulate the vent. Lastly, we offer accessories for your vents like switches and kits.

Many of our products are backed by a rock solid manufacturer’s warranty or the standard limited warranty which typically covers defects in craftsmanship or material for a period of up to 1 year after purchase. For more information, please read our full warranty section here.

If you are not finding what you need for your project, please contact us. Our team has decades of experience and will be able to help you find the right solution.

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