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Vent Accessories

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Levi's Quicklath | Roofing Direct


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DCI SmartBaffle | Roofing Direct


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Quarrix SmartPlug Roof Patch | Roofing Direct
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FAMCO Globe Vent Base for a Ridge Mount | Roofing Direct


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FAMCO Globe Vent Base for a Flat Roof | Roofing Direct
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More About Vent Accessories offers the best in top-quality ventilation accessories, and offers everything from bird and rodent guards to globe vents and furring strips.

What are Furring Strips and What Do They Do?

Furring strips are long, thin strips of molded material comprised of wood or metal that are typically used to:
  1. Create space between two surfaces to prevent moisture buildup
  2. Raise or level a surface for drywall, insulation, or bath/shower installation

What is a Roof Patch?

In the event that you ever need to remove a box, slant-back, or turbine vent, covering the hole it leaves behind can be as simple as laying down a Quarrix SmartPlug Roof Patch and nailing it in place. These roof patches can be bought individually or in quantities of 12 or 24, and are quality constructed with galvanized steel. Once secured, they are able to withstand up to 700 pounds. is pleased to offer high quality Globe Vents from FAMCO.

Whether you require a flat or slanted roof configuration, has the perfect globe vent base for you. Multiple sizes are available for each model, and multiple pitches are available for the slanted base model.

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