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PVC Gable Vents

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Ekena Millwork Vertical Surface Mount PVC Gable Vent - Brickmould Sill Frame | Roofing Direct
Item# GVPVE03S


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Ekena Millwork Octagonal Surface Mount PVC Gable Vent - Brickmould Sill Frame | Roofing Direct
Item# GVPOC03S


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More About PVC Gable Vents

What Are PVC Gable Vents?

Answer: PVC Gable vents are similar to other types of attic and roof vents that you may see on your own home, however they are typically higher up, located on the uppermost vertical surface of your roof in order to allow warm air to escape from your home safely and effectively. The other key difference is that gable vents are typically meant to be visible to outside observers of the home and due to that they tend to be more aesthetically designed in order to fit into the home’s overall architecture scheme in a visually pleasing way. In most cases, gable vents are constructed with different flourishes and colors and styles as opposed to soffit vents which tend to be plain in looks by comparison because they are invisible to the average observer.

Why PVC?

PVC or otherwise known as urethane is a sturdy and waterproof construction material common in homes in Western Europe and North America. It is an excellent alternative to traditional wood materials for things like gable vents and soffit vents for construction. It can last much longer and with less maintenance than wood and is lighter and cheaper. Overall, PVC is an excellent choice for any home’s vent system to use. PVC or urethane is a plastic composite material that can take on wood-like visual characteristics. It is usually melted down and then poured into wood grain mold that provides its unique texture and style.

Features + Benefits

  • Surface mount installation is simple and quick, with screws and adhesive
  • Durable and long lasting, PVC is impervious to exterior elements
  • Functional and non-functional options are both readily available
  • PVC can be easily painted to match existing trim
  • Many sizes and styles available, to fit the need of any project.
If you are not finding what you need for your project, please contact us. Our team has decades of experience and will be able to help you find the right solution.

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