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Roofing Brushes

More About Roofing Brushes

If you are looking for high-quality roofing brushes, is pleased to offer a variety of different models in differing quantities to fit any job, budget, and need.

What Do Roofing Brushes Do?

In general terms, roofing brushes are designed to remove leaves, moss, pine needles, and other debris from your roof, before they can remain and cause long-term damage. This typically occurs in heavily wooded areas or areas with mature landscaping. They are also used to spread tars and coatings on roofs and asphalt.

Most of the roofing brushes at are comprised of tampico bristles, a coarse sturdy fiber that is perfectly suited for removing debris from your roof without damaging your shingles as well as withstanding the sometimes intense heat required for roofing tar to be spreadable.

All of these brushes include a handle hole within a sturdy wooden block.

What About 3-Knot and 4-Knot Roof Brushes?

These brushes are used to spread heavier coats of tars and coatings on hard-to-reach places like corners, chimneys, and metal flashings.

What is Synthetic Fill Good For?

These brushes may be required for certain adhesives and/or other roofing chemicals. Please check and follow your manufacturer's guidance.

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