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Eye Protection

More About Eye Protection proudly offers glasses and goggles by Malta Dynamics and The Brush Man. Items sold in multiple quantities. carries everything from tinted safety glasses to face shield brackets.

Pick the Right Glasses / Goggles for the Job

Always wear proper PPE and observe proper safety protocol when on a jobsite. Picking the right PPE depends on multiple factors, including job site conditions, weather conditions, types of jobs being performed, where you may end up working later in the day, etc. Here is a quick summary of the different types of glasses and goggles we carry and what they are designed for:
  • Safety Protected Goggles: Clear wraparound lenses with black plastic wireframes. Designed to protect the eyes from flying debris in both high and low light conditions.
  • Safety Glasses: Low profile wraparound lenses with plastic wireframes. Designed to protect the eyes from flying debris, and comes in both black and white.
  • Visor: Typically made of plastic and worn in front of the face. Suspended from separately sold headgear.
  • Goggles: Clear anti-fog goggles with wraparound headband. Great for those working in humid environments.
Plan ahead and pick the best eyewear for you and your crew before you get to the job.

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