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Drip Edge


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Drip Edge or Edge Flashing is one of those roofing components that is often overlooked. One of the main reasons is that, drip edge once installed on the roof is hard to see as most of it is covered by the shingles or gutters.  This is a product that varies widely from market to market by size, color and style.

Common sizes range from 1.5” x 1.5” all the way up to 2” x 5”. It also comes in different styles like the D-Style, T-Style and common 90-degree bend with a 45-degree kick out on the bottom side of the flashing.  This product is also available in numerous different colors.  Most common colors are your Black, Brown, White and Gray and then there is the not colored mil finished.  The mil finish is typically a Galvanized, G60 or G90 coating.

Drip Edge Flashing is installed around the entire perimeter of the roof. One use is to hold the underlayment down, but this mainly serves as a watertight seal around the edge of the roof. If installed properly, only the face of the metal is exposed with the shingles cover the top side of the metal flashing. We recommend overlapping your drip edge seams to prevent water infiltration.  This is typically an overlap of just 3 to 6 inches.

As we stated, the most common colors for drip edge are black, brown, gray and white, however certain markets try and match the drip edge color to the fascia and soffit material. This is similar to what gutter companies do when trying to color match gutters and downspouts. Some prefer to have the drip edge blend in and others prefer to have the metal color as more of an accent.  It is really just personal preference.

Roofing Direct has the largest online selection of Drip Edge.  Our team has decades of experience and works with one of the best drip edge manufacturers in the business.  Please contact us with any questions or if you are in need of some custom flashing made.

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