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Copper Flashing


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Copper Flashing undeniably offers not only a beautiful look to your roof, but is also one of the most durable materials on the market. One of the benefits of copper is its ability to look better as it ages. Once it is exposed to the elements, copper will start to patina over time and change colors.  Some even prefer to pre-treat copper to make it start the patina process even faster.

When it comes to durability, copper is one of the strongest materials on the market and can last decades longer than other common flashing materials.  Heavy 16 ounce copper is also more resistant to hail damage, mildew growth, fire, snow and rain.

The attractive look of copper roofing materials is also not to be overlooked. Whether it is newly installed and shining in the sun, or has matured into a blue-green patina over time, it is sure to add a unique flare to the overall curb appeal of your home.

RoofingDirect.com can assist you with your custom roof by offering an all copper flashing and accessory package.  Roofing Direct supplies edge metal, transition flashings, step flashings, valley metal, and tile pan flashing for all of your copper flashing needs.

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