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If you live in an area with driving rains, extreme snow and/or wind, it may be necessary to get a wind or storm cap that is specifically designed to address your specific needs.

What Happens When You Have a Faulty or Ineffective Chimney Cap

In a word, backdraft. When oxygen rapidly enters an oxygen-depleted environment (i.e. your living room), it can cause a rapid or explosive burning of the superheated gasses inside a fire, which can quickly turn into a raging house fire.

When consistently strong and sustained winds are a problem in your area, wind caps can help prevent backdrafts and come in a variety of different makes and models:

– square or round flue

– WeatherShield and Vacu-Stack

– chimney vacuum caps

– copper, stainless steel, and galvanized steel

Whether you have wood-burning, gas, or oil stoves and/or appliances, you can increase your updraft while reducing downdraft, keeping your home safe and your appliances functional.

Our Wind and Storm Caps Keep Out Birds and Other Pests

Given it’s shelter and warmth, your chimney outlet becomes an attractive place for nesting animals and other wildlife to build their homes in. Unfortunately, these animals can become trapped and die, ultimately clogging your chimney and house with smoke and other unpleasantness.

While some models require separate screens, our wind and storm caps are designed to vent smoke safely and efficiently while protecting your home and the wildlife who would otherwise clog your chimney.

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