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National Nail Corp.: Build By Connecting Intentionally


Stinger is a part of National Nail Corp., which is an employee-owned manufacturer and distributor of high-quality innovative building products and service solutions for residential and commercial construction industries since 1963.

Better. Faster. Safer.

Stinger provides high-quality roof fastening tools, nails, and staples for both residential and commercial use.

Their product line includes:

-Cap Hammers

-Cap Staplers

-Cap Nailers

Cap hammers and staplers are lightweight, low-cost options for those who want to avoid using a pneumatic hammer. Stinger has an entire line of tools and fastening accessories that helps you get the job done at a fraction of the cost.

Market-Leading Technology. Proven Dependability.

Aside from providing non-pneumatic low-cost options to air tools, Stinger continually strives to create innovative and unique solutions for both contractors and DIYers since its inception. As the building industry changes, Stinger will continue to provide contractors worldwide with innovative products that are fast, easy, safe, and affordable.

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