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Oatey: A Heritage of the Highest Quality

Since its founding in 1916, Oatey has provided reliable, high-quality products for the residential and commercial plumbing industries, with a commitment to delivering quality, building trust and improving lives. Now, Oatey operates a comprehensive manufacturing/distributing network that supplies thousands of plumbing products for professional builders, contractors, engineers, and DIY consumers around the world.

Vision, Purpose, and Values

Since inception, the purpose of Oatey has been to deliver quality, build trust, and improve the lives of those who use their products. These are the main goals that Oatey strives to achieve through every facet of the organization.

Oatey And Sustainability

Oatey also participates in an environmental sustainability program that focuses on three core tenets: footprint, products, and community. With a focus on these three pillars, Oatey hopes to foster a healthy planet that future generations can enjoy as well as innovative technologies geared towards sustainable practices as well.

Quality is Key at Oatey

Delivering quality products, services, and partnerships are key to Oatey’s business practices. Their commitment to quality includes:

-Delivering defect-free, competitive products and services to customers on time.

-Committing to meet and exceed all external, internal, customer and interested party requirements.

-Striving for continual improvement through their quality management system.

-Reviewing and maintaining quality objectives.

-Being proactive in safety and environmental practices.

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