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National Chimney: The Best in the Industry

Founded in 1992, National Chimney was built on the foundation of providing the highest level of support for chimney professionals. From building a large selection of top-quality products made in the USA to providing reliable technical customer support, National Chimney remains the premier manufacturer of stainless steel liner and components in the industry.

With continually improving manufacturing techniques, innovative products, and improvements in national and local distribution, National Chimney will continue to provide top-notch service and quality to their customers.

Dedicated to Superior Products, Service, and Safety

With over twenty years in the industry, National Chimney has the industry expertise and craftsmanship to establish themselves as leaders in their field. Some of the high-quality chimney products on offer from them include:

– Chimney Caps

– Storm Collars

– Couplers

– Tees

– Hand Tools

– Liner Kits

No matter the size or type of job, National Chimney has the right supplies to help you get it done right.

Technical Resources and Support Available for Chimney Professionals

Along with a full line of chimney caps, liners, and other chimney accessories and products, National Chimney also has tools available to help professionals retrieve custom-fit supplies. Whether a custom chase cover is needed or some other obscure piece to help you get the job done, National Chimney has a team of experts ready to help.

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