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Lifetime Tool: For A Lifetime Of Quality, Go With Lifetime Tools.

Roger Cline had a long, successful, and storied career before founding Lifetime Tool & Building Products LLC®. He got his start in technical roofing, specifically in sheet metal roofing and joining which included 40lb. Terne (Tin), Copper, galvanized and TCS (Terne Coated Stainless Steel) work. 

He worked in that field until the late 1980’s when he decided to found his own company. He had an idea for developing a roof accessory that was attached directly to the roof seam with just a set screw. This revolutionized the industry and his first company, Real Tool™ Inc. was born. They launched their first product line which included the R.T. snow guard roof accessory. They then quickly became the go to standard in the industry along with its method of attachment, which is still used today all around the world.

Bringing Roof Accessory Design Into The 21st Century

Finally, in 2011 Roger Cline decided to branch out from his beloved Lifetime Tool & Building Products LLC® and founded Lifetime Tool & Building Products LLC® aka Lifetime Tool. With that came a whole new suite of products and roofing accessories including pipe flashings, dryer vents, snow guards, and so much more. 

Quality Comes From Years Of Experience In The Roofing Field

Lifetime Tool offers a fantastic array of products that we here at Roofing Direct are happy to offer. Here are a few featured products that you can find on our site today:

  • Lifetime Ultimate Pipe Flashing
  • Lifetime Bath Dryer Vent
  • Lifetime Easy Sleeve

Lifetime Made. Lifetime Value. 

Lifetime continues to design and manufacture quality components with customer satisfaction and value and quality of products their primary focus. With Lifetime, you know you are in good hands.

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