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LeveLok: High-Reliability Safety Products At Great Prices

LeveLok Corporation was founded in 1995 in Poulsbo, Washington with a vision to develop, manufacture and distribute reliable, user-friendly, ladder safety products to the utility, telecommunications and contracting industries. Today, the company distributes its products worldwide. LeveLok products are manufactured using cutting-edge, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

Now Is The Time To Make Ladder Safety A Priority In All Sectors

The safest working time without stress. That is the driving force behind all that LeveLok produces. 

Safety First.

LeveLok safety products include Stabilizers, Leveling Systems, Standouts, Tie downs and Ladder Carrying Equipment for reducing shoulder and back injuries. Their core purpose is to help people across all industries increase their safety and stability while using ladders. Here are some of their products available on the Roofing Direct website:

  • LeveLok Ladder Leveler System
  • LeveLok Ladder To Roof Stabilizer Straps
  • LeveLok Ladder Safety Strap for Lower Ladder With Storage Bag
  • LeveLok Stabilizer Standoff Bracket With Foam Elbows

Quality. Safety. Value.

LeveLok produces parts and finished items utilizing cutting edge and state of the art machinery at each step of the manufacturing process. This ensures that you and your team have the highest quality and the safest equipment that money can buy.

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