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Leister Technologies: Worldwide Presence. World Renowned Quality. 

Taking the world by storm is no small feat. Leister Technologies had humble beginnings all the way back in 1949 in Kägiswil, Switzerland. As a small machine shop that wanted to deliver quality tools and welding solutions to a post-war Europe, Leister quickly got a foothold in the marketplace and became known for their innovative products, quality in manufacturing and excellent customer service. Today, they specialize in plastic welding, process heat, and laser plastic welding, among other things. Their worldwide presence includes Switzerland, The Netherlands, Shanghai, and Itasca, Illinois. 

Performance. Reliability. Solution-Driven. 

Leister Technologies is no slouch when it comes to creating elegant solutions to complex problems. Their wide suite of products are the first choice in many trades, including roofing, billboard creation and maintenance, civil engineering, tunneling, plastic fabrication, flooring, and so much more. Their 500+ employees wear many hats and are working each day to provide you with the best tools for your crucial jobs no matter where you are in the world. 

Reliability. Durability. Worldwide Reach.

After over 70 years in the business, Leister offers a vast field of products that have set the global standard for roofing. Their welding equipment can make any job much easier with their reliable and sturdy equipment. Here are some of their products on offer:

  • Triac ST HotAir Welder Kit
  • VARIMAT V2 Roof Welder
  • Leister UNIROOF 300 hot air welder
  • And much more!

Far Reaching Quality And Support

Since Leister’s reach is literally spanning the globe, you don’t have to go far to find their excellent products. They are available right now from this very website, actually! Here are a few of their resounding qualities that you can count on in their products:

-70 years of experience

-Support for any size job

-Tools built to last

-Excellent warranty

-From DIY to industrial scale. Their tools are there for you.

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