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Korkers WorkTrax | Roofing Direct
Item# IA5101


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Korkers TuffTrax | Roofing Direct
Item# IA5201


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Korkers Medium Density Foam Soles | Roofing Direct
Item# IA7040


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Korkers Soft Foam Sole | Roofing Direct
Item# IA7010


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Korkers Spiked Soles | Roofing Direct
Item# IA7020


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Korkers Tufftrax 3-in-1 | Roofing Direct
Item# IA5300


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Korkers WorkTrax Plus | Roofing Direct
Item# IA5111


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60 Years, Standing Tall Six decades ago, founder Sherman Smith watched men surf log rafts of old-growth timbers floating down the rivers of the Pacific Northwest. Fueled by stories of terrifying slips and falls, Smith began designing a lace-up overshoe crafted from old tire rubber and outfitted with sharp carbide studs, giving the loggers life-saving traction on slick wood. Around the same time, a group of steelhead fishermen who were pioneering the slippery boulders of the North Umpqua took note of the loggers’ new studded footwear. One of these fishermen was Frank Moore, an Umpqua river guide and owner of the then-Steamboat Inn, who later became Korker's first dealer in 1959, cementing their legacy for safety footwear in the Pacific Northwest. Ingenuity and Problem-Solving Remain Guiding Principles Over time, more innovations were released to address consumer needs as they were identified. Some of the high-quality offerings you will find from Korkers include: - Overshoes - Interchangeable soles - Replacement spikes Whether scaling slick roofs or moss-covered boulders, Korkers has the industry knowledge and products to help you get the job done safely. All Korkers Products are Easy to Maintain Although each Korkers product uses different materials, all of them can easily be cleaned with warm water and soap. All products should be dried in a cool area away from direct sunlight in order to maintain their optimal integrity.

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