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JC Hammer Tools: Dedicated To Producing WORK TOOLS – THAT WORK!

J.C. Fraga, founder of JC Hammer Tools has deep roots in the roofing industry. As a roofing contractor himself, he wasn’t happy with the average hammer he was using on jobs. He knew that there was a better way and a more efficient design that could be made, so he did what anyone in his position would do: he designed a better hammer! From the ground up, JC Hammer Tools is all about bringing innovation, quality, and craftsmanship to hammers. Mr. Fraga has dedicated his life to building a better hammer for those of us who use them every day on jobs or even on projects around the home. His industry leading magnetic hammers have made roofing installations easier for people for almost 20 years. 

Hammers Built By Roofers For Roofers

JC Hammer Tools provides hammers that surpass the quality of the average hammer. With over 17 patents and more to come JC Hammer Tools is dedicated to producing quality tools at affordable prices. When you buy a JC Hammer Tools hammer, you know you are getting a purpose built tool that is right for the job and will last years to come, making your life easier every step of the way. 

Products Available On RoofingDirect.com

Roofing Direct has an excellent assortment of JC Hammer Tools hammers for you to choose from with fast shipping and excellent prices, you won’t want to miss these:

  • Magnetic Hammer (16 Oz.)
  • Magnetic Double Head Hammer (16 Oz.)
  • Smart Magnetic Hatchet
  • The Gladiator Ripper

You Won’t Want To Pass On This Hammer

Tough, usable hammers designed by an industry professional. That’s what you get when you purchase a JC Hammer Tools product. Several models also include a handy “easy holster” which helps you save even more time by allowing you to holster your hammer quickly and easily to safely free up your hand. Spend less time looking for a loose hammer and help your workplace stay a little safer by cutting down the number of dropped or missing hammers as you complete a job. Each holster is made from a tough yet corrosion resistant plastic that quickly attaches to your belt or work pants.

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