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Everhard Convertible Seam Tester | Roofing Direct

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Everhard Premium Convertible Seam Tester | Roofing Direct
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Everhard Chek-N-Fold Seam Tester | Roofing Direct

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Everhard Double End Brass Detail Roller | Roofing Direct
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Everhard Products, Inc.: American Tough

For over 100 years, Everhard Products Inc. has been helping people all across America with their roofing tool and HVAC component needs. They are a manufacturer based in Canton, Ohio and their plant is over 152,700 square feet large and they were the first US manufacturer to produce the silicone seam roller for membrane roofing and provides many other tools to be used with TPO, PVC, EPDM, and other membrane materials. Some of their commercial roofing tools consist of: Seam rollers, seam testers, detail rollers, heavy membrane rollers, membrane slitters, insulation knives, industrial shears and utility knives. “Quality First.” An Excellent Mission Statement You don’t last over 100 years as a company without providing superb quality to your clients. Quality comes first and it really shows when you compare their products to many of their competitors. From seam testers and silicone rollers to insulation knives and bent shears, quality is apparent in every tool and implement. They are experts in the commercial roofing hand tool market. As technology evolves and changes, the good folks at Everhard change right along with them in order to meet new and aggressive industry demands.  Everhard Product Examples You Can Find On RoofingDirect.com Sometimes it is unfortunate that online shopping doesn’t allow you to pick up and handle products as you are browsing them. If you could, you would see the Everhard difference right away, faster than a mere picture could convey. The heft, the craftsmanship, the elegance in design is all there, it’s just harder to see through a picture or two. Either way, we encourage you to shop their products on Roofing Direct today!
  • Chek-N-Fold Seam Tester
  • Everhard Double End Nylon "V" Roller
  • Insulation Knife
  • Chek-N-Cut Seam Tester
  • And many other specialty hand tools.
Everhard Is Ever-Innovating If quality is their foundation, then innovation is their first floor. They are always innovating and designing new and efficient tools to help you turn the toughest job into a simple task. 
  • Durability
  • USA made tough
  • 100 years of production
  • Experience in multiple industries from roofing to HVAC

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