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Cor-A-Vent: A Breath Of Fresh Air For Your Home

Cor-A-Vent has been an industry powerhouse for over 35 years. They manufacture roof ventilation products that help your home, roof, and rafters, all stay bug, moisture, and mold free by allowing the perfect amount of airflow. Their roof ventilation products can provide your home with the breath of fresh air needed to protect it inside and out, as recommended by the National Association of Home Builders.

Experience. Trusted Sales Staff. Dedicated To You.

Their inside sales staff has over 100 years of combined sales experience. They know their products inside and out and are ready to take on any challenge that you’re willing to throw at them. 

Long And Storied History. Their Products Speak For Themselves

Since the V-400, the original shingle-over ridge vent was officially introduced in 1976, Cor-A-Vent has been at the forefront of the attic ventilation market. Here are a few of their products that Roofing Direct has on offer:

  • Rainscreen Siding Vents
  • Soffit Strip S-400
  • Cor-A-Vent Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent
  • Sturdi-Strips Rainscreen Furring Strips
  • Cor-A-Vent Ridge Vent V-600

Cor-A-Vent Is At The Top Of Your Home And Their Game

From the bottom of your siding to the peak of your roof, Cor-A-Vent, Inc, manufactures ventilation products to protect your home from damaging moisture from within and from without. Quality products from the ground up! Shop today on the Roofing Direct website. 

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