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The Brush Man


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The Brush Man: Delivering Excellence to Their Customers Every Day

Founded in 1976 as a one-man operation, The Brush Man was started with a simple goal in mind: to manufacture quality brooms and brushes and deliver them in a timely fashion. With this approach in mind, The Brush Man has grown with the times and has continued to propel forward with both meeting customer demand and expanding inventory.

Deliver Excellence as a Formula For Success

The Brush Man continually strives to provide their customers with excellent service and quality products. Since their founding, The Brush Man’s product line has greatly expanded to include:



-Cleaning Supplies

-Roller Covers & Frames


-Flooring/Roofing/Measuring Tools

No matter the size of the job, or what needs to be cleaned, The Brush Man has the right tools to help you get the job done.

The Brush Man Offers Competitive Pricing and Overall Value

The Brush Man is dedicated to working with vendors in concert to provide competitive pricing and a larger inventory over other suppliers. By providing both quality and order accuracy/promptness, The Brush Man is an excellent overall value for those looking for a reliable vendor for their needs where it comes to brooms, brushes, and beyond.