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ACME Cone: Roofers Turned Problem Solvers

ACME Cone started over 15 years ago as a roofing company in a town that gets a lot of rain: Portland, Oregon. The pacific northwest is a four season territory. A roof there bears the brunt of winter and bakes in the summer heat, expanding and contracting while breathing in the elements. It’s the kind of climate where a protrusion flashing counts. The type of town where your business is only as good as your word and hard work will always get you home for dinner.

Core Value: Hard Work Pays Off

Hard work is at the center of this company and it shows with flying colors within each product they develop. The difference is that they believe that innovation is the secret to not only a better product but a better bottom line. Driving their success, you can see that innovation and hard work push them to bring only the best products to market. Over 15 years ago, they built their first prefabricated flashing products. Today their team designs and builds the highest quality custom and standard flashings on the market.

Here are a few core products that you can find available on the Roofing Direct website:

  • Drains and scuppers
  • Corner flashing
  • Turbine vents
  • Drip edge flashing
  • Cone flashing

Roofing is their trade. Solutions are their passion. Quality is the guarantee.

ACME Cone is comprised of roofers and solution engineers. They set out to improve how their crews worked and decided to change the industry in the process. Their experience has taught them the difference between flashing and protecting. Their success demonstrated the value of innovation.

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